On November 25, social networks were filled with stories about the “misadventures” of a certain Crimean Alexander Alekhin, who “worked for six months at a facility” in Russia-occupied Skadovsk, criminally “fulfilling a contract” with the “private security company” “Alfa Krym”, after which he allegedly “did not receive a salary” for the same six months; at the same time, it is indicated that “Alfa Krym” (“Alpha Crimea”) is criminally “recruiting security officers for facilities in Melitopol and the Kherson region.

“IRS Pivden”, for example, wrote on this story that Alekhin, “hired” from “Alfa Krym”, was then “re-registered” to another “private security organization”, namely “Sputnik”, and that the essence of the “salary scam” is the fact that the accomplices of the occupiers are promised “120 thousand rubles” but do not specify that “the salary is calculated only for the days of the watch”. Let us note that “Alfa Krym” is a fairly extensive illegal structure serving the occupiers’ “security needs”, with the “main office” in Sevastopol, but having “branches” in Simferopol, Yalta and Yevpatoriya, it is engaged in both “physical security” and alarm systems; the “co-owners” of “Alfa Krym” are Sergei Ostyuchenko and Alexey Kabeletsky, about whom they are now “modestly keeping silent” in the story with Alekhin.

Kabeletsky, in fact, has always been quite a significant figure for the Crimea, working until 2013 on the peninsula in senior positions in the civil security service of the Ukrainian police.
Back in 2002, he “became famous” for a scandal involving attempts to collect debts for security services from Crimean museums in court, which gave rise to a sarcastic joke in the media at the time about “paying with exhibits”.

However, shortly before the start of the occupation, Kabeletsky, then the head of the Sevastopol city police’s department of the state security service, was removed from his post after his subordinate policeman shot another, civilian, security guard in the “Golden Pearl” jewelry store in July 2013 under extremely controversial circumstances. Then the “high-profile case” was hushed up, and not without the participation of the then head of the sector of the city’s criminal investigation department, Alexander Dorokhov, who had long been recruited by the Russians. During the occupation of Crimea, Kabeletsky “surfaced” as an “assistant” of the criminal “deputy of the legislative assembly of Sevastopol” Mikhail Chaly, a long-term functionary of the Sevastopol structure “Tavrida Electric” and then he became “at the origins” of “Alpha Crimea”.

At the same time, the role of Kabeletsky and the same Dorokhov in the first days of the capture of Sevastopol was not “fleeting”, since at least on February 23 they were actively working, on the criminal instructions of the same Chaly, to “interact” with the Ukrainian security forces to demoralize them.
Among other things, Kabeletsky personally “formed the personal guard” of Maxim Chaly’s brother, “people’s governor” Alexei Chaly, and actively assisted the Russian special services in transferring to Perekop and arming the Sevastopol “Berkut” as a “public” cover for Putin’s “little green men” in Crimea.
It is noteworthy that “having bet on the Chaly family” in the “long term,” Kobeletsky, after a series of Chalys’ conflicts since 2015, with the new “Sevastopol governors”, that we previously described clearly did not get everything he wanted from the aggressor.

Therefore, later, praising the criminal “exploits” of Chalys, Kabeletsky declared to the Kremlin propaganda about collaborators, literally, “name me at least one public figure who would have declared himself in this way in the first days! Later, when it became clear that they would not beat him, others joined in”.

However, Kobeletsky’s criminal “affairs” are now going a little better than those of the aforementioned Dorokhov, who has “settled down” in Verkhnesadove and is quietly and completely non-publicly profiting from “supplies” to Sevastopol kindergartens with corresponding kickbacks, in the “penny to penny” style.
In the current conditions, in addition to “security activities” in the mentioned structure “Alfa Krym”, as well as in another illegal company “Okhrana-Complex”, Kabeletsky is declared by the occupiers as “the head of the Association of consumers of the republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol”, which is traditionally a good way to “nightmare business” in “link” with those from the criminal “administration” of the occupiers who remained loyal to the Chalykh clan.

The above-mentioned Ostyuchenko, among other things, manages two Moscow private security companies, “Derzhava” and thus “Sputnik”, where Alekhin was “flitted”. Let us note that the mentioned Sevastopol “Tavrida Electric”, where Maxim Chaly actively “checked in” both before and after 2014, after long “legal wanderings” has now “settled” in Kiyv as “Tavrida Electric Ukraine” with assets of 200 million hryvnia, and, whether this is connected with the described adventures of Chaly and Kobeletsky, is a separate and clearly unexplored story.

At a minimum, let’s write that “Tavrida Electric Export” is doing well in Moscow with its head in the person of Sergei Parfenenko, whose “full namesake” was listed as the beneficiary of the “Sevastopol-Kiev” company until 2020, and let’s put an ellipsis on that for now…

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