According to “Krym.Realii”, Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar origin Jamala raised more than two million for Ukraine during her first tour “Like A Bird” in North America.

The tour program consisted of material from different periods, presented in a special electronic interpretation. The name of the tour itself is a reference to the track of the same name from the album “All Or Nothing”.

A special role in the program was played by the new composition “The Call”, recorded by Jamala during the artist’s forced separation from the Crimean home, the mini-album is full of references to her native culture and at the same time warm feelings for his nativeland.

During the “Like A Bird” tour, Jamala visited Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orlando, while the singer prepared lots for charity auctions that she held during concert time.

“When I said that I was going on a tour of America and would do auctions, exhibiting some iconic things for me: dresses, glasses, head jewelry, etc., I asked my friends to allocate lots for charity auctions there during my concerts, everyone responded. It can be said that they collected suitcases with lots “the whole village””, Jamala said.

Let us recall that in Kyiv on May 5, Jamala presented a new album “QIRIM”, which included 14 compositions representing a certain area of Crimea, more than 80 musicians participated in the work on the album.

It is noteworthy that the invaders generally do not comment on the stable success of the Crimean Tatar performer in third countries, with which none of the few fake “Crimean singers” of the Russian invaders can be compared by definition, and for the aggressor-controlled “media”, this is obviously a taboo topic.

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