The end of the first May week is full of “interesting coincidences” in the sphere of the logistical collapse of the occupied Crimea. Thus, the newly minted criminal “Minister of Transport” of the invaders, Nikolai Lukashenko, said on the morning of May 6 that “traffic along the Crimean bridge was suspended for technical reasons and will resume in the near future”.

At the same time, the fake minister stated that allegedly “the ferry crossing is operating as usual,” but on the evening of May 5, the operational headquarters of the Krasnodar Territory admitted that “a large queue has accumulated at the Kerch crossing. cost about 150 heavy trucks.

Against this background, in the usual style of “everything is fine, except for a trifle”, the occupiers once again announced the alleged “restoration of railway communication” on the illegal “Crimean Bridge”.

At the same time, everything on the illegal “land corridor” to Crimea also consists of the mentioned “trifles”. Valeria Petrusevich, aggressor’s “front-line blogger” associated with black transplantation, wrote on the evening of May 5 that there were “really long queues” at Chonhar, “which lined up in 4 rows to enter and blocked the isthmus” and therefore she “would recommend postponing the trip” from the occupied Crimea on North.

In this context, it remains to cite a new portion of hysteria from the servants of the criminal Aksyonov, the “blogger-embroiderer with a dog” Alexander Gorny that “it can be very hot and loud in Crimea in the near future, and these are not horror stories, but quite possible scenarios for the next events. What is left for us? Pray…”.

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