As reported on social networks, Kherson collaborator and former “top official” of the National Police Valery Lytvyn “became one of the founders of a security company in Crimea”. Indeed, in the fake “registers” of the occupiers in November, the structure “Center for Security Technologies” was “lit up”, with an “address” in the “cultural center” on Rubanskoho Street in Yalta and its “co-founder” is Igor Lebedenko, who worked in the security police in the same place before the large-scale aggression Kherson.

It is reported that Valeriy Lytvyn has supported the occupation “authorities” since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, he acts on the occupied left bank of the Kherson region and is “taking away business from pro-Ukrainian entrepreneurs”. Particularly characteristic is the fact that until 2022, Lytvyn was in Kherson not only a deputy of the regional council from the then “bloc” of Vladimir Saldo, but also the director for economic security at “Khersonoblenergo”.

Let us recall that we have previously written many times about the activities of the “VS Energy” group of companies, which owned critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, including “Khersonoblenergo” and directly worked for the aggressor’s “Sevastopolenergo”. A study by our Association in June 2022 indicated that the owners of “VS Energy” were Russia’s state duma deputy Alexander Babakov and president of the CSKA football club Evgeniy Giner. Most likely, Litvin’s “Yalta security business” will be connected precisely with the next “financial and energy” scams, including the notorious “Krymenergo”

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