On October 13, military observer Konstantin Mashovets from the “Information Resistance” group gave an overview of the “rear” grouping of the aggressor’s ground forces in the occupied Crimea. According to the data presented, this formation of invaders on the peninsula currently numbers 12 thousand people and about 30 tanks and 70 armored vehicles; about a hundred artillery installations, thereby significantly inferior to the “mainland” aggressor groupings “Dnepr” and “Zaporizhzhya” that were interchangeable with it.

The aggressor group “Defense of Crimea” is divided by the invaders into four tactical directions: “North” of 7 battalions, reinforced by two tank companies; “West” in 11 battalions; “Center” in 9 battalions and “South” in 2 battalions. The aggressor links these operational structures with its various “personnel units” but at the same time continues “the formation of new units and subunits using mobilized personnel”.

It is reported that “as part of the “Crimean” “126th separate coastal defense brigade” that we have repeatedly described and the Sevastopol “810th separate marine brigade”, one more rifle battalion from the mobilized ones has been additionally deployed”. In addition, in the territory of occupied Crimea, the occupiers will form units of the 47th Motorized Rifle Division and the 70th Motorized Rifle Division.

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