On December 18, the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov announced an allegedly “imminent” kind of illegal “cooperation agreement” with the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee and a criminal proposal to Belarus “to use the Crimean ports”.

These criminal “discussion topics” are not new and were previously actively promoted by the infamous Georgy Muradov, and now Aksenov has decided to promote himself on the agenda of his “subordinate”, or rather “Kremlin overseer”. We already wrote that Muradov was engaged in the promotion of the criminal “agreements with Vitebsk” throughout 2022, and the illegal “economic cooperation” of the Minsk regime with the occupied peninsula was studied in detail by our Association.

Moscow has long been exploiting the “port theme” to blackmail the Lukashenka regime, which seeks to use Russian ports in the Leningrad region to export its raw materials, primarily fertilizers. Minsk itself is also not alien to the policy of ultimatums, since it recently manipulatively offered the transit of Ukrainian products through Belarus to the ports of Lithuania, but on the condition that Lithuania open its ports for Belarusian exports.

However, the mention of the “Crimean ports” in this blackmail will clearly not become a “trump card” for a simple, prosaic reason – such criminal acts require a stable railway connection, and the Russian aggressors “do not add up” with this, especially after the explosions on the illegal “Crimean Bridge”. It is purely economically obviously unprofitable to transport illegally certain goods from Minsk to the occupied Crimea, and not to the Russian ports of Rostov, where cargo traffic has decreased to 40% in 2022, or of Novorossiysk.

Thus, the corresponding “prospects” are in the nature of a long-term criminal blackmail of Ukraine and other civilized countries, but it will not bring the expected results to either the Kremlin or the Lukashenka regime, especially against the backdrop of the Belarusian dictator’s refusal to launch the illegal propaganda “direct passenger railway cars”, previously promised by the Kremlin, from Minsk to Simferopol.

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