After the explosions on the bridge from Crimea to the Chongar peninsula of the Kherson region, the Russian occupiers stated for several days that despite the blocking of traffic, the so-called “bus service” from Dzhankoy to Henichesk “would continue”, but they did not specify how this would happen at all.

Let us recall that we have previously repeatedly reported that the occupiers have been promoting this “flight” since March as some kind of “unprecedented achievement”. Now the aggressor’s propaganda is forced to admit that the carrier from the occupied Crimea, which provides bus service on the routes from Simferopol, Dzhankoy and Yalta to Henichesk, located in the Kherson region, said that “it will not be able to transport passengers until at least June 30”.

However, the criminal occupiers’ “ministry of transport” in Henichesk stated that communication with Crimea was suspended “for the period of liquidation of the emergency situation” and it is obvious that any plausible dates here may be completely different. Let us recall that this “PR-transportation” was carried out by the illegal “Krymtrolleybus”, controlled by Sergey Aksenov’s clan.

We must add that these are not the only actions of the occupiers against objective reality. According to the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, the Russian invaders, among other things, kept on Chongar buses with children deported from Melitopol, who were planned to be taken to the Crimea, in front of the destroyed bridge for two days.

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