As already reported, the “drain tank” of the Russian military, the Crimean Tatar collaborator Eyvaz Umerov announced the “start of the fight against corruption” against the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov.

Our Association immediately predicted the connection of this “internal struggle” with the use by the aggressor’s military Natalya Poklonskaya and her sister Osadcha, the criminal “head” of the village of Uyutne near occupied Yevpatoria, in continuation of the previously organized operation “storm in a glass”.

On December 28, Umerov predictably “gave out murderous compromising evidence”, which “purely by chance” is connected precisely with “land allotments and development” between Yevpatoria and thus Uyutne.

The essence of the issue is that in that area the occupiers several years ago deployed part of their “air defense”, near which the so-called “firm” “Specialized builder “Prime” began to design a number of apartment buildings.

At the same time, the fake “officials” of the occupation administration, including Aksyonov personally, as it follows from the “documents” published by Umerov, no later than 2021 appealed to the leadership of the aggressor army, apparently in favor of the owners of “Prime”, with a request to “transfer the military unit”, but received refusal.

Umerov claims that “Prime” is a structure controlled by Pavel Lebedev, the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine, and that the current criminal “acting head of the administration” of Yevpatoria Alexander Loskutov is associated with a traitor to Ukraine “Sevastopol-located” Lebedev from the period until 2017, when Loskutov was a criminal “financial and economic department of the department for territorial development”.

Thus, it is obvious that in the Crimean “storm in a glass” the criminal Sergey Aksyonov is further involved in a confrontation with a group associated with the aggressor’s army.

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