As the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov stated on December 28 on the aggressor-controlled “Millet” channel, “there is no task today to form territorial defense detachments in the Crimea.”

Let us recall that in Russia itself, since the fall of 2022, they began to actively form “territorial defense” in the Belgorod and Kursk regions and began preparations for its creation in the Rostov region.

Konstantinov “explained” the absence of similar events in the occupied Crimea, allegedly by the fact that the grouping of the aggressor’s armed forces was “strengthened” there. However, in fact, the Russian occupiers obviously simply do not trust the units illegally formed precisely from the population of the occupied territories.

This approach of the aggressor was also observed in the framework of the criminal “mobilization”, when the Crimean residents “diluted” various Russian army’s units, but did not create new ones; it also led to the absence of “nominal” “Crimean units” in the aggressor’s troops, which in the summer of 2022 were massively formed in the regions of Russia itself “from volunteers”.

The main “permanent Crimean” units of the aggressor, “810 and 126 brigades of the marines” are also formed not only from the Crimean residents, which is especially true for sergeants and officers.

It should be noted that regarding the future military situation in the Crimea, the same Konstantinov added “we will watch already in the course of the play”, which obviously means that he understands further events, sad for the aggressor, and his personal unenviable and pitiful role in their implementation also.

Recall that before the retreat from Kherson, at the end of October, the Russian invaders announced the formation of some kind of criminal “territorial self-defense” there, but this was a purely propaganda move, since no one seriously formed this structure in reality, and there were no people who wanted to join it, and now no one among the invaders reminds about it now.
Most likely, similar events will take place in the Crimea.

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