On March 18, an interesting message was noticed on the forums of the occupied Sevastopol: a local resident accidentally broke a mercury thermometer in her apartment, and realizing the danger of the situation, she tried not only to collect toxic metal, but also to call some “service” that would demercurize the premises.

However, it turned out that no one can hold this event in the aggressor-captured city, despite a high-profile incident two years ago, when a spill of several kilograms of mercury was discovered in the Sevastopol dachas. Representatives of the illegal “rescuers” advised the woman to “watch a training video on the Internet” and “handle the problem on your own”.

Recall that also in the occupied Sevastopol, as it “accidentally turned out” in February 2023 due to the “garbage collapse”, which we wrote about earlier, there is also no “service” for deratization – If rats are found in the house, the occupiers will also obviously advise residents to “look instructional video”.

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