On October 31, the “Future of Crimea” II Strategic Forum, organized by the Crimean Tatar Resource Center with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, was launched, the participants of which include representatives of the academic environment of Ukraine, members of the Expert Network of the Crimean Platform, public figures and journalists.

The participants of the forum were doctors and candidates of legal, geographic, economic, political, sociological, historical and pedagogic sciences, its goal was the integration of the academic environment of Ukraine in the process of deoccupation and reintegration of the Crimea, development of recommendations for the authorities of Ukraine, allies of Ukraine and international organizations.

Professor Borys Babin reported to the participants of the forum about the development of Ukrainian legislation on deoccupation and reintegration during the past year, he emphasized that some recent decisions of the Verkhovna Rada have programmatic significance for the processes of reintegration of the peninsula.

It was established that the presidential rule-making in the Crimea in 2023 showed an increase in the number of approved decisions on sanctions; the situation regarding changes to the Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the peninsula was discussed, also as the procedures of the Coordinating Council for the preparation of relevant proposals, finally formed by the head of state in May, 2023.

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