As aggressor-controlled “information resources” stated, a fake “memorial complex” will allegedly be built in occupied Melitopol for the “day of liberation from the fascists” and this propaganda show is supervised by the same Krasnoyarsk PR man Sergei Tolmachev, previously “transferred” by the aggressor from occupied Sevastopol

At the same time, in Sevastopol itself, the aggressor himself promised that “they will look for owners for mass graves and military graves …” since “no one is responsible for them.” However, in fact, the occupiers have a “specialized institution”, namely the “Specialized service for funeral affairs of the city of Sevastopol,” which three years ago completely dissolved without traces 134 million “to put burials in order”.

Here the collaborators and their curators declare that “there is no law that will determine the organization responsible for the maintenance of monuments, memorial signs and military graves”; however, its absence does not prevent collaborators from planning the laundering of “budgetary funds on bones” through some “restoration workshops”, for the creation of which more than one million will be dissolved.
In the meantime, it is on the sites of historical military burials that the occupiers are constructing high-rise buildings in Sevastopol for the Russian colonialists and numerous “entertainment” and drinking establishments.

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