As it follows from the Ukrainian register of court decisions, ARC expert Borys Babin at the end of April won a case 758/978/20 in the Podolsk District Court of Kyiv to protect dignity and business reputation against the publication “KP in Ukraine”, which some experts link not only with the odious “Komsomolskaya pravda”, but also with Russian military intelligence.
The case concerned a publication from 2019, in which “KP in Ukraine” showed extraordinary “awareness” about the activities of the Representation of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea and on cases in the European Court of Human Rights.
However, now the court has established that the theses of these “insiders” that Professor Babin was allegedly “remembered for a series of corruption scandals”, that he allegedly “abused his official powers and entered into a conspiracy with a number of officials of the Ministry of Justice” and allegedly caused “financial damage in 54 million hryvnia” have not been confirmed and are not true.
The court also found that the statements that Borys Babin, in the post of Permanent Representative of the President in the AR of Crimea (as propagandists wrote, “on the border with Crimea”) were allegedly “completely inactive” are completely untrue. The court stated that open sources show Professor Babin’s active work in the position of Representative within the framework of his existing powers, and this completely refutes the relevant publication.
The court also refuted the untruth of the propaganda publication that “not one of the draft laws developed by Babin’s…Representation was supported by the authorities and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.”
What is noteworthy is not the fact that the courts established the circumstances of the work of the Crimean “bodies”, despite the lies and slander of structures, clearly associated with the aggressor, but also the fact that these structures, and their customers and “informants”, from among the odious former and individual current officials and law enforcement officers, have not yet received the appropriate procedural consequences for themselves, based on the counterintelligence measures taken.

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