After the rather sudden “appointment” of Metropolitan Tikhon of Pskov by the aggressor “to the Crimean Metropolis” that we described, the occupiers held a “thanksgiving prayer service in Simferopol on the occasion of the solemn meeting of the newly appointed head”. What became notable about this event was not so much the format of “maximum security” in which “regular parishioners” were unable to “see the new bishop,” but also the statement of the fake “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov that “with the arrival of Metropolitan Tikhon a new page is opening in the Crimea” because aggressor’s puppets “are at the forefront of the information war, and here the role of traditional religions is strong”.

And while the elderly swindler from “Consol” confirms the role of Tikhon as a large and gilded but still a cog in the Kremlin propaganda, his “worst friend” Sergei Aksenov defiantly “met with Metropolitan Kirill of Stavropol and Nevinnomyssk,” who criminally arrived in Crimea as “chairman of the Synodal Committee for interaction with the Cossacks and the Synodal Department for interaction with the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies.” And here we are talking not so much about the latest scams with criminal “help to the front-line soldiers” of the aggressor, but about the “especially warm” behind-the-scenes relationship between Tikhon and Aksenov’s “new friend” Kirill.

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