We have previously written about recent statements by Joe Biden and Fumio Kishida on the threats to world order posed by Russian and communist Chinese imperialism, and the need to improve the system of international relations to counter them. We also reported on recent extensive expert work in Istanbul on this issue, taking into account a simple fact: the aggressor, having declared war on the rules and principles of the civilized world, does not offer any formed alternative to them, and therefore a hypothetical “victory” of imperialism would simply lead to the collapse of the entire human civilization, which naturally the world will not allow by definition.

Now, in this field, in the usual attempt for Russian imperialism to secretly imitate the civilized world, having deep complexes about this matter, the speechwriters of the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, who acted as an inexpensive entrepreneur of the “new order” at the criminal “Yalta forum”, decided to work, which turned out predictably tragicomic. Without failing to cynically complain that the world pities the murdered Israeli children, the hardened anti-Semite from “Consol” announced a “new system of international relations” based on the criminal “formation of a new Russian world” and “the process of gathering Russian lands.”

At the same time, the elderly womanizer Konstantinov promised to fight certain “megacorporations” that are “absorbing entire states and continents” at the “interpersonal level,” and apparently directly with the participants in the “youth events” of the mentioned fake “forum.” Leaving aside the epidemic consequences of such an “intense struggle,” we note that in addition to the described clownery, the Kremlin also puzzled “more authoritative thinkers” like Karaganov and Surkov with the issue of the “new order agenda,” but the “concepts” they recently birthed only led to “royal wrath” with the classic lament that “we have no other scientists”.

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