After the recent, although half-hearted, but still painful for the Kremlin, decisions of the International Olympic Committee on Russian and Belarusian “athletes”, all the “talking heads” of the aggressor, including the Kremlin dictator, simultaneously turned on the “I didn’t really want to” mode and announced the holding of “alternative events” for “everyone who shares traditional sporting values”.

Among other things, the aggressor promises to hold “international competitions” in Moscow and Yekaterinburg in September 2024, the “World Friendship Games”, and in order to “motivate Russian athletes” to choose them instead of the Olympics, “restrictions on travel and countries” have been announced for specialists in a number of areas; for example, “hockey players will be especially lucky”

This “big turn” greets the “minute of glory” of the criminal Vladimir Konstantinov, whose speechwriters have already published regular streams of consciousness about the supposed “response to the machinations of a gang of para-sports officials who seized the leadership of international sports” and about some “alternative to the Olympic movement”.

Obviously, the aggressor will still be able to attract a dozen regimes to participate in the “World Friendship Games,” but it is unlikely to force these countries to refuse to participate in the Olympics “by solidarity with Russia”. However, this forced “self-isolation” of the aggressor is unlikely to entail his refusal to further provocations involving the so-called “Crimean athletes”.

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