On April 4, aggressor-controlled “media” disseminated a statement by the so-called “director of the Crimean Olympic reserve school” Oleg Golinach that “Russian swimmer Yuliya Yefimova was ready to compete for the Crimea at one of the international tournaments for money”, but at the same time she supposedly “does not think about the state and how she betrays her country, she only thinks about how to make money”.
Such a most unexpected session of exposing the Kremlin’s sports scam, albeit under the general sauce of “refusal of participation in the Olympics for Crimean residents” from the Crimean collaborator Golinach, is quite unexpected. At first glance, a lot here can be attributed to the “career problems” of sambo wrestler Golinach, who before the occupation worked at the “Chernomor Enterprise”, engaged in mediation of tourism in Western Crimea.
Golinach then became an active collaborator, receiving in 2016 the illegal “post” of “first deputy” and at the same time “acting minister of sports” of the occupiers, but in 2019 “something went wrong” and then he was removed to “manage” the Simferopol “technical school of Olympic reserve”.
However, one should not attribute Golinach’s “fit of frankness” only to his vindictiveness regarding the loss of “ministerial prospects” and regarding the absurdity of his “work on the Olympic reserve” in the current realities.
In this regard, we note that Yuliya Yefimova is a fairly noticeable puppet of the Russian special services, “for some reason” living and training in California since 2011. During her career, Yefimova twice got into trouble with doping; in 2014, she was caught using dehydroepiandrosterone and was disqualified for a year and a half and was stripped of five medals.
In 2016, Yefimova was threatened with a lifetime ban due to a repeat doping incident, now with meldonium, but she managed to avoid punishment “purely on procedural aspects”. And although the World Aquatics (FINA) did not want to allow her to participate in the 2016 Olympics, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) lifted the ban on Yefimova the day before the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but spectators in the stands before the races booed the Russian woman, and some competitors refused to shake her hand.
It was reported that in August 2023, Yefimova “appeared at several events in Moscow” and it was probably then that she was targeted at some “international tournament” as a “Crimean representative”. However, as one might assume, now, after the control of international federations over “neutral athletes” and after our appeals to the IOC about the inadmissibility of participation in Olympic events by persons, who actively supported the occupation of Crimea, such a valuable American agent of the Kremlin as Yefimova found herself “in the zone of special control” .
And now the aggressor’s special services decided to “whitewash” her, declaring her “purely commercial” interests in big-time sports, and for the sake of credibility, they decided to make the “offended” Golinach the source of this information operation, “completely by accident” spinning his “incrimination of Yefimova” from every propaganda iron.

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