In framework of permanent cooperation with United Nations’ structures our Association sent proposals to Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for the Human Rights Council resolution 51/12 on local government and human rights. ARC’s submission, prepared by group of experts including Borys Babin and Anna Prykhodko, and published by OHCHR, stressed that aggressor’s illegal “local administrations” on occupied territories of Ukraine including the Crimea, are participants of war crimes, committed in Ukrainian territory including deportations, enforced disappearances, tortures, illegal mass seizure of property.

Such “local administrations” are also tools of hate speech and racial discrimination also special attention must be aid to article 6 “Genocide” and to article 7 “Crimes against humanity” of Rome Statute regarding “Extermination”, ARC’s submission stressed. At the same time, submission stressed, Ukrainian authorities continue planning of reestablishment the local administrations and local self government on de-occuiped territories during reintegration processes. ARC’s experts reminded that the Crimean Tatar Resource Center together with ARC’s participation held a strategic forum “Future of Crimea”.

In particular, submission described the Forum’s concepts regarding the accounting of persons, property, facts and the creation of temporary registers, as well as the announcement of moratoriums, including moratorium on transactions with Crimean real estate for the initial period of reintegration and the need to create a separate temporary record of all individuals, who will be found in the occupied Crimea, and role of local authorities in this issue were voiced.

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