We have repeatedly written about the Kremlin’s blackmail of the Armenian authorities within the framework of the “Karabakh issue” and about provocations in this area from the occupiers’ “Sevastopol” propaganda, including thinly veiled threats to Nikol Pashinyan personally.

However, the dynamics of the situation in the South Caucasus clearly differs from the Kremlin’s plans, since neither the Armenian authorities managed to overthrow nor the pictures of the “bloody massacre in Karabakh” were presented to the world. And now, with hundreds of thousands of refugees and a number of Karabakh “ministers” in a Baku prison, the Crimean collaborators began to develop “bad associations”, which the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov tried to “dispel” in his usual manner, “calming” his “colleagues” in the shop” with the meaningful “of course there is something in common”.

The swindler from “Consol”, however, tried to “find fundamental differences” by saying that, unlike Karabakh, the Crimean puppets were allegedly “recognized” by someone at the “international level”, and that supposedly there was “no ethnic cleansing” in the Crimea. Naturally, Konstantinov chose not to talk about the details of the fake “confession”, probably in the person of two German pensioners who recently visited Crimea, and about the flight from repression and mobilization from the occupied peninsula of fifty thousand Crimean Tatars.

However, in fact, Konstantinov and other “outstanding Crimean figures” are now haunted by one simple example: Russian “peacekeepers” did not evacuate a single pro-Russian figure from Karabakh, including “citizens of the Russian Federation,” calmly handing them over to the Azerbaijani authorities as “bargaining chips”, despite all the “past merits”.

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