Over the last couple of days, Crimean collaborators decided to “boast” about their supposed “successes” in the criminal sale of “the first objects nationalized from Ukrainian citizens”; allegedly “selling at auction” “assets worth 815 million rubles”. And although the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov does not specify the subject of these scams, it is now possible to identify announcements of “open auctions” for the “sale” of four residential premises for 27 million rubles.

Moreover, regarding the previous “lots,” the swindler from “Consol” is slightly disingenuous, since the occupiers have been trying to sell some of the objects mentioned in them since 2016, that is, long before the current wave of “nationalization,” which started a year ago as part of large-scale Russian aggression.
Now the occupiers have “sold” a certain apartment in Gaspra village near Yalta, and three premises remained at the “auction”, in Alupka, Simferopol and Kerch, houses built in 1993 and earlier, which clearly do not look like some kind of “nationalized property of Ukrainian oligarchs”.

From the information about the “auctions” it follows that the occupiers are conducting this criminal show through the fake “state autonomous institution” “Administrative directorate of property of the republic of Crimea”, the criminal “leadership” of which is collaborators Anna Kotareva, Andrey Korovko and Suleiman Emurlaev.

The fake “director” Kotareva made her career in the Crimean units of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice and then became a judge of the District Administrative Court; under the occupiers, she had previously “marked herself” as a fake “auditor of the control and accounts chamber” of the occupiers in Simferopol.

It is interesting that Korovko had also previously been identified as the “deputy head of the department” of the same criminal “Simferopol city administration”, but Emurlaev, also a former judge, but of the Razdolnensky District Court, was involved in “auctions” of loot throughout the years of occupation; among other things, he was the criminal executor of the “sale” of the “Foros” sanatorium complex to the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2016.

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