After the statements of the Ukrainian authorities about the prospects for creating a fleet of naval drones, the occupiers’ propaganda voiced some “response measures”. For example, the fake “governor” of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, promised to “soon start assembling marine drones” at city enterprises; however, we have already reported earlier, that the aggressor does not have any serious developments for such production on the occupied peninsula.

Also, among the “protection measures” of the aggressor’s Sevastopol naval base, the retired invader fleet, Captain III rank Maxim Klimov criminally proposes to transfer the “Odintsovo” ship of project 22800 to the Crimea by “inland waterways”, which has the “Pantsir-M2” anti-aircraft missile system and is located in the Baltic now.

At the same time, even Klimov is forced to declare that such a complex in the “work against sea drones” mode allegedly “will be effective” not in stormy sea weather. We add that among the three built ships of project 22800, the “Pantsir-M2” complex, according to open sources, is now on one of them, and this ship has a draft of 4 meters.

Realizing that such “protection” will obviously not cover all the remnants of the Black Sea Fleet and not Crimean coastal waters, “experts” suggest using helicopters for “fighting drones”, but at the same time they admit that the aggressor-used naval “Ka-27M” has “has a narrow anti-submarine specialization”.

Thus, the Russian invaders is left to rely on the existing “acoustic systems of ships”, “observers” and “machine guns”, which can lead to quite logical consequences.

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