As we previously wrote, one of the “highlights” of the aggressor’s propaganda in the first years of the occupation of Sevastopol was the alleged construction of a “medical cluster” on a “single site” in the area of Fiolentovske Highway. The “cluster” was supposed to “include three new hospitals”: a cancer clinic, an emergency hospital and a new infectious diseases hospital. The occupiers abandoned the infectious diseases hospital in 2020 due to “lack of funding,” and for the remaining facilities they “shifted the deadlines” to 2025.

However, the “contractor organization” “RT-SotsStroy”, a subsidiary of the aggressor state corporation “Rostec”, allegedly began to engage in “cluster construction” since June 2020, but “in fact, construction work on the site stopped at the beginning of 2022.” The “contractors” explained this by “a significant increase in the cost of construction materials, as well as the lack of a complete set of working documentation on their hands”.

Now, obviously, the “lack of documentation” did not become an obstacle to the next scam of the criminal “Sevastopol government” of the occupiers when the “cost of an emergency hospital” increased from 7.5 billion to 12.25 billion rubles, almost half of which the occupiers from “Rostec” will use “here” and now” with promises to “build a hospital in 2025”, which no one in occupied Sevastopol believes in anymore.

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