Earlier, it was repeatedly written that since 2014, the Russian occupiers in the Crimea were not even able to somehow “complete” a number of previously launched projects for sewage treatment facilities in coastal cities and towns.

At the same time, streams of feces, which in recent years have become full-scale rivers flowing into the long-suffering Black Sea, do little to confuse the occupiers and collaborators, who are regularly engaged in “budgetary funds development” on this front.

At the same time, in recent years, in different cities and villages of the occupied Crimea, the same “elementary scheme” has been repeated: criminal “officials” enter into a “contract for work” that no one is going to produce, then they “transfer an advance” obviously “to nowhere”, and the most “resolute” throw off the “partners” and “the entire amount of the contract”, signing the “acts of work performed”.

Further, the occupiers “judge” of individual fake “officials”, for the “reporting” but “by coincidence” they never leave their offices.

Now a similar farce is taking place in occupied Feodosia, where the criminal “head of the capital construction department” Larisa Lushneva helped to “master”, according to the “check”, 16.5 million, and in fact – ten times more for the Chechen firm “Climate Service Company” from Grozny headed by a certain Muslim Khamidov.

At the same time, the Russian occupiers promise that Lushneva to be “removed from her post” and the treatment plants “to be launched in December”, but all this looks unlikely, which is confirmed by a simple fact.

Khamidov’s Grozny company is the “executor” of more than sixty different illegal “contracts for construction work” in the occupied Crimea, and in 2021 alone, this structure “revealed income” of more than 430 million.

Naturally, this “fruitful cooperation” of Crimean collaborators with the Chechen, frankly speaking, gasket for laundering “funds” is not stopped by any “problems” like the indicated Feodosian epic with rivers of feces; it is obvious that only the de-occupation of the peninsula can stop such processes.

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