The aggressor-controlled “Sevastopol media” suddenly “remembered” the collaborator and beneficiary of the “Crimean zoos” Oleg Zubkov, now in the role of “assistant” to the “Askania-Nova” biosphere reserve, seized by the aggressor on the left bank of the Kherson region. Let us recall that in 2023, the occupiers began to actively use “Askania-Nova” in their propaganda, making the main “talking head” of Kherson collaborator Dmitry Meshcheryakov, who previously worked in the Security service of Ukraine.

All last year, the occupiers’ “Henichesk” propaganda promoted obvious fakes about the supposed “tourist mecca” in “Askania-Nova”, located not far from the front line. Apparently, the only “tourist” there was the aforementioned Zubkov, who announced in October 2023 the signing of “cooperation agreements” between the “reserve” and the “Taigan” and “Skazka” zoos controlled by the “lion lover”.

The current “sudden media presence” of Zubkov, who stated on “Askania” that “the park has material problems, but in legislative terms it has been lost”, can be explained quite simply: his patrons are preparing for the “redistribution” of lands and resources of the “ownerless” Askania-Nova and this is where Zubkov’s role as a “talking head” on this issue will come in handy.

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