Previously, we have repeatedly pointed out the stagnation of viticulture and winemaking in the occupied Crimea and stated that all the “rosy statistics” of the occupiers on “vineyard area” masks a systemic crisis. Now the Crimean collaborators at the fake Yalta “international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 195th anniversary of the institute” “Magarach” are forced to state this problem in a “streamlined manner”.

And here we are not talking about the fact that the “global” nature of this show was ensured exclusively by individual Russian representatives. The criminal “general director” of “Magarach” Vladimir Likhovskoy, who had previously been involved in some scams with the cultivation of grapes and the “supply of seedlings” in Mariupol through a “family” “private enterprise”, “suddenly” began to complain that the aggressor does not “subsidize imported planting material”, and “Russian seedling growers provide only 20-25% of the need”, and the “particularly high quality” of these seedlings is also obvious.

At the same time, Likhovskoy began to “give confessions” for a clear reason: earlier the aggressor promised 3.2 billion rubles for the “project of creating a scientific and technical center for selection, seedling farming, viticulture and winemaking” in “Magarach”, from which the collaborators expected to profit well. However, now the aggressor predictably has “no money” for such “excesses” and “construction has been postponed until 2027”, that will, taking into account the finale set for the aggressor by history, never happen.

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