As aggressor-controlled “media” stated in occupied Kerch, the criminal “administration” “disowned those with many children, as well as other beneficiaries who received land plots for the construction of housing for their families in the Gasprinsky area” because, as “suddenly it turned out” “there is no way to build houses, It’s impossible to live there”.

The fact is that in the specified area “there is no water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas” and the so-called “technical connections” are refused to be carried out by the fake “vodokanal” and “Krymgazseti”. The criminal “Krymenergo” does not “refuse help” but asks “for each kilowatt of connected power … to pay 4,200 rubles”.

The criminal “administration” traditionally talks about the fact that “there is no money, the budget is empty”; At the same time, as we previously told, in Kerch there are no problems with the criminal construction of a new block of houses for Russian punishers from the “Rosguard”, including the “connection of communications”.

Let us recall that we previously wrote about fraud in the same “Krymenergo” where the criminal “general director” Vyacheslav Gaiduk, “appointed” in August, had previously been involved in commercial scams with the “vodokanal” in that same Kerch. Now the “happy plot owners” have only one “technical connection”, namely the opportunity to observe the illegal “Crimean Bridge” on the horizon.

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