As even the occupiers’ propaganda is forced to admit, “the state of the monuments of the first defense of Sevastopol causes a burning shame”, with the statement of the fact that “especially many sad pictures can be seen on the Ship Side”. In particular, the monument to the Ukrainian sailor Ignat Shevchenko is predictably destroyed there.

As the Russian invaders themselves admit, “monuments designed to perpetuate the names of individual heroes and entire military units that defended Sevastopol are in a deplorable state”.
At the same time, the illegal “Sevastopolstroyproekt” has been regularly profiting from the “repair” of these facilities since 2020 as a “government” “strip” created under the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev to launder “federal funds”.

Among other things, we wrote about the Russian woman Yulia Gubanova, who was previously displaced by the invaders in the criminal role of the “head of administration” of the occupied Melitopol Yakymivka from the occupied Sevastopol, where she headed the criminal “Sevastopolstroyproekt”, created by “reorganizing” the illegal “football club” “Sevastopol”.

We also wrote about the “arrest” in the occupied Donetsk of the terrorist Vladimir Pogodin, who was previously brought by the same criminal Razvozhaev to the criminal role of “deputy security director” in the specified “strip”.

Apparently, the cancellation of “parades” and other militaristic sabbaths this year will allow the aggressor to habitually “forget” about these scams with Sevastopol monuments, to which the current occupiers actually have no historical relation.

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