As the aggressor-controlled “media” pathetically stated in September, in occupied Sevastopol an anti-corruption project allegedly “started, initiated by the government” of the aggressor a year ago, the so-called “Poseidon”.

The Kremlin’s propaganda previously stated that “Poseidon” allegedly “will collect information on signs of corruption from absolutely all sources of information: conflicts of interest, false declaration of income and expenses, illegal profit-making, and so on” with a main focus on “social network analysis”.

Now from the fake “decree” of the criminal Mikhail Razvozhaev dated August 31, it is obvious that this “project” will indeed be filled with “compromising evidence” on “officials”, albeit … manually, that is, by “scanning certificates” and sending “requests” and this will be done “ direct subordinates” of the criminal “government” from the illegal “department of public security” who will “study the social networks” of their “leadership”.

The absurdity here, of course, is not so much in how much the “department” clerks “catch the high management”, but in such a “high level of informatization and digitalization” of a manually controlled “Poseidon”, reminiscent in this context of “Russian combat robots”, are capable of anything only while the operator holding a joystick.

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