We have repeatedly described the fake “trial of damage from the Ukrainian water blockade” from the criminal Vladimir Konstantinov and other aggressor’s puppets, and in particular pointed to the “innovative idea” of demanding “compensation for moral damage” in order to draw a “claim amount” agreed upon with the Kremlin “three trillion rubles”. Just the day before yesterday, the “demiurge” of this show, the criminal “speaker” from “Consol”, spoke about the “amount of damage” of “152.6 billion rubles” instead of the promised “two or three trillion,” but now, apparently, the occupiers decided to add to the worthless “process” of maximum absurdity and reported that there would be a “show worth three trillion”, and performed by the “public chamber” with the puppet Alexander Formanchuk “at the head”, as the “applicant to the supreme court” of the occupiers.

The collaborators stated that the “amount of the claim” was allegedly “determined based on the average number of Russian citizens living on the territory of the peninsula over an 8-year period” and that “compensation per person will tentatively amount to 200 thousand rubles.” Apart from the fact that naturally no one asked the Crimean residents themselves about this issue, and the fact that the “public chamber”, by definition, the population does not “represent” the aggressor in the worthless parallel “legal reality”, it remains to be stated that the occupiers themselves do not promise any money for “compensated moral damage” for the population “as a result of the lawsuit” even purely theoretically, stating that they will then allegedly “have to” go to some “court” again, but at the same time “on their own”.

However, against the backdrop of such “optimistic news”, the occupiers have already “achieved” one “practical result”: after annoying stories about the “water tribunal” from the aggressor’s propaganda, rumors spread across the peninsula about a sharp increase in the price of water for the population, which the aggressor-controlled “media” began to “refute”.

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