We wrote that on the night of September 7-8, a serious accident occurred on Kievska Street in occupied Simferopol. As they now write on social networks, it was arranged by a drunken collaborator Oleg Shcherbakov, and as a result of his ramming of three cars, the elderly Petr Lesik ended up in serious condition, suffering from broken ribs and legs, as well as a ruptured spleen and lungs.

Shcherbakov is a classic “quasi-criminal” element who began a criminal “career” in Dzhankoy, where in the first months of the occupation he was the unlawful “head of the headquarters for the referendum” and “commander of the territorial unit of the people’s militia” Since 2017, Shcherbakov was the “assistant” of the criminal “State Duma deputy” Svetlana Savchenko, and then she “inherited” this “decision maker” in the “Simferopol district” to her “successor” Leonid Babakov.

Such “metropolitan concern” for the Dzhankoy bandit, who tried to conduct his commercial scams in Saki and in the same Dzhankoy, is far from accidental, since Shcherbakov, associated with the criminal Alexander Formanchuk, was responsible in Simferopol for controlled “public observers” from the same “Cossacks” and “militias” in fake “elections”. Shcherbakov is also declared by the occupiers to be “president of the kayaking and canoeing federation” and “member of the investment council” under criminal Aksenov; Thus, it is obvious that he will “scavenge” out of the current situation with fairly modest financial costs.

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