The criminal “head of the republic” Sergei Aksyonov announced on October 4 that he “dismissed at his own request” the fake “Minister of fuel and energy” Igor Korin, who had recently received the “title” of “honored energy engineer” from the invaders. With the beginning of the occupation of the peninsula, Korin “made a career” in the criminal “Krymenergo” where in 2020 he “promoted” to “director”, and he became a “minister” shortly before the start of large-scale Russian aggression.

It is obvious that Korin became another “sacred victim” against the backdrop of “indicative resignations” and “trials” in the criminal “Krymteplokommunenergo” and “Krymenergo” under his jurisdiction, where Aksyonov “removed the directors”: on August 6 this affected Andrei Tsurkanenko, and September 29, “thermal boss” Eduard Selivanov.

Let us note that before these pretentious movements, clearly related to both the fuel crisis of the occupiers and the recent “catch-up” from Marat Khusnullin, the same Aksyonov promised to organize “fuel purchases for the Crimea” “not on the stock exchange, but directly”.

We wrote earlier that in this scheme, the game of collaborators on a “cocktail of Crimean and Sevastopol fuel” with fundamentally different “procurement mechanisms” would be especially interesting, and in it Korin was clearly planned to play the role of a key puppet; however, apparently now “something went wrong”.

Among other things, Korin will now probably be blamed for the recent failures of aggressor-controlled “Chernomorneftegaz”, to organize fuel production on the land part of the Crimean Peninsula, which we wrote about in April.

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