On January 22, in occupied Yevpatoria, the invaders organized a propaganda “auto rally”, allegedly “in honor of Alexander Patrashka”, who was killed as part of the aggressor’s army on September 3, 2022.

Within its framework, several cars of the occupying criminal “officials”, including the fake “head of administration” Elena Demidova, drove to the cemetery of the village of Novoozerne, where “corporal” Partashka was previously buried.

Since even in the same small cemetery of Novoozerne there are already at least several graves of “cargo 200”, some media, as well as social networks, asked themselves the question of the “reasons for choosing” the corpse of Patrashka for the attempted criminal “glorification”.

“Krym.Realii” quotes a “post in social networks” that Patrashka allegedly served or died in the “56th Guards air assault regiment” of the Russian invaders, which has been criminally located by the Russian aggressor in occupied Feodosia since 2021. There are no circumstances of Patrashka’s death in open sources.

However, the full namesake, with the same dates of birth and death, Alexander Alexandrovich Patrashka is actually listed among the losses of the aggressor’s “51st Guards parachute regiment of the 106th Division”, but something else is noteworthy here.

According to our information, the father of this killed “corporal” is a traitor to the motherland Oleksandr Patrashko, who, as captain of the third rank of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, went over to the side of the occupiers in 2014, serving in a logistics depot, and later criminally “served” on military formations of the aggressor in the same Novoozerne.

Most likely, it was precisely such a “pedigree” that became the basis for the current ridiculous attempt to “glorify” Patrashko-Jr.

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