As the aggressor’s propaganda was forced to state on September 7, this summer “the occupancy of Sevastopol hotels and other accommodation facilities” has fallen by half even compared to last year. At the same time, the occupiers are trying to “demonstrate good spirits” and tell the population that tourists “will be attracted” by the fakes we previously described in the form of “cinemas on the beaches” and “glamping in nature reserves”.

However, in reality, the criminal “officials” themselves understand that the only “tourists” will now be the aggressors’ military, and it is “for them” by the sea at Cape Khrustalny that the “business partners” of the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev are frantically building the next shamans not far from such a cyclopean structure from collaborator Eduard Yurkevich. But the criminal “Crimean” colleagues of Sevastopol restaurateurs also decided to “distinguish themselves” in their methods of “luring tourists” to the occupied peninsula.

So, collaborator and fake “Duma Deputy” Leonid Babashov promised to sprinkle the “Kerch Bridge” during the icy season with “pink salt”, which is mined on Lake Sasyk-Sivash. Babashov did not specify what could be the “difference in sensations” between ordinary salt and pink salt with organic impurities; however, the “price scissors” indicate the usual intentions to profit from “government procurement”, this time with significantly expensive “exclusive salt”.

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