On January 28, the key propaganda dump “Vesti Crimea” posted an interview with the criminal Sergey Aksyonov “on the current moment”, which boiled down to criminal death threats for “saboteurs”, assurances that supposedly “a tunnel under the Kerch Strait is not planned” and other traditional fables, in the manner of the classic “everything is calm in Baghdad.” The greatest sarcasm among the audience was caused by Aksyonov’s statement that supposedly “at the moment when he realizes that people don’t need his work, a letter of resignation will be written” and that he is “not one of those officials who holds on to the chair”, declaring that “we will overcome all blockades and achieve all goals”.

Let us recall, that recently we wrote about the “Kremlin black marks” to Aksyonov, who “is not holding on” but – with all his might to his “chair”. At the same time, those observing the situation understand perfectly well that, unlike his “good friend” Konstantinov, none of the “Moscow leadership” intends to see either Aksyonov or his “flock of comrades” outside the occupied peninsula. Therefore, many people began to perceive the words about “overcoming blockades”, as a personal collaborator’s cry of despair, clearly hinting not at the Ukrainian authorities.

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