On February 19, the criminal “Crimean senator” Olga Kovitidi, apparently, managed to shock her “colleagues” who had seen a lot, because at a certain round table in the Federation Council she proposed introducing liability for sabotage into the criminal code of the Russian Federation, supposedly to effectively “counteract Russia’s ill-wishers.” Kovitidi directly admitted that in this matter she was inspired by the Stalinist article, which existed since 1926 as “counter-revolutionary sabotage” and was excluded in 1958, since “such legal compositions cannot disappear.” In the criminal “bill” proposed by Kovitidi, sabotage is committed “with the aim of covertly opposing government policy and governance”.

Kovitidi does not hide that the purpose of her bill is precisely repression against the Ukrainian population who disagrees with the occupation, since at the “presentation” she read out a certain brochure about civil resistance in the occupied territories, talking about advice to spend a long time in the toilet and wishes like “forget the necessary supplies”, pretend “that work instructions are difficult to understand”. Naturally, none of Kovitidi’s “colleagues” wanted to protect Ukrainian citizens from a new wave of genocidal repressions, but they had a vague guess that Moscow officials who had been sitting in the toilet “for too long” could become “saboteurs.”

Senator Andrei Krasov hinted that “problems may arise in the practice of trial and investigation” and “possible abuse of instructions”. and associate professor of the Military University Evgeniy Morgulenko recalled that the article on sabotage “was actively used for political repression”. However, all participants in the criminal “discussion,” having ritually stated that the article for sabotage has a “sad history of abuse” and is “intuitively perceived negatively” in society, naturally “generally approved” of Kovitidi’s idea.

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