According to the aggressor-controlled “media”, in September the occupiers began to criminally apply new “requirements for the architectural and urban planning appearance of a capital construction object” in the Crimea.

This, translated into human language, means that in order to install external air conditioning, cladding, or even to replace window frames, persons living in “historical centers” and in “sites with ensemble buildings” “should obtain” approvals for the appearance of buildings “from local self-government”, which, at the same time, “may attract experts”, moreover, supposedly “free of charge”.

Crimean residents calculate in social networks how much such a “gratuitous approval” for an air conditioner or a window frame will actually cost for residents of the peninsula’s once resort towns. At the same time, they envy the people of Sevastopol, for whom the “innovations” of the occupiers do not “in force” the illegal “federal status” of the occupied city; however, it is obvious that the local “administration” will find other “reasons” for corruption exactions from the population.

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