Previously, we have written many times about the rather clumsy attempts of the Crimean gauleiter Sergei Aksyonov to “put together” some “nominal Crimean unit”, preferably as loyal as possible to him personally, as well as about the unsuccessful attempts of Russian propaganda to “sing the heroism of the Crimeans” in the ranks of the aggressor’s army.
Sometimes these criminal vectors intertwined, sometimes they diverged, and after another “pre-election indulgence” for the “head of Crimea”, bought in the Kremlin with the “Golden Sands” scam, they entered a “new stage”.
Now the “Crimean media” are diligently broadcasting about certain “Aksyonovites” as a “mobile, proactive, well-coordinated detachment, not tied to the terrain,” who allegedly “constantly move along the line of combat contact and interact with other units.”
At the same time, the aggressor has quite a few extras for this show, in the form of some “former volunteers from Crimea,” and therefore both propagandists and Aksyonov himself had a desire to add “new volunteers” to this fake detachment, preferably from the so-called “people’s militia” 2014.
However, as we wrote earlier, these “multiple awarded” and working as extras for propaganda of the aggressor until 2022, “veterans” later en masse did not go to the front, preferring to “forge a strong rear” for their personal well-being.
Now, after “persistent recommendations” from the Aksyonov’s clan to “stay near the ribbon” at least until the “September elections”, these “combatants” decided to answer him, in the traditional style of “rebellion on their knees” and “collective appeals”.
In the same Yevpatoria, the so-called “People’s militia of the republic of Crimea”, in the form of the “”West” (“Zapad”) Battalion”, organized a “gathering” and declared, even through the local “press”, that they were “not a formation of fighters, but first of all a unity of soldiers spirit.”
Therefore, instead of “heroic death” in the form of the next “Aksyonovites”, these “veterans” publicly proposed to gauleiter “the formation of such a unity when everyone is able to independently act in concert towards a common goal,” and preferably as far away from the front as possible.
However, in Crimea these “militia” still agree to “deliver provisions” and “cook dinners” for the “common cause”, and, naturally, preferably in a “resort area”.
At the same time, stating the expected “autumn purge of local councils,” the “militiamen” told Aksyonov that they were “not just another political party.” This sounded with a direct hint that for some reason these “veterans of the Crimean spring” do not want to play, sometimes posthumously, the role of “Aksyonovites” in order for Aksyonov himself to expand places under the sun of “united Russia” for his clan.
Watching this tragicomic show, the competing clans maliciously propose, “by analogy” with the “Aksyonovites,” also “the term “Aksyonovism” for the governor’s method of management,” which already covers a much wider range of “sitcoms” familiar to the “Simferopol court.”

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