On December 13, the aggressor held another criminal show in the Moscow cultural center of Russia’s Foreign Ministry – a fake “conference” about supposedly “humanitarian ties” of fake “Crimean Tatar organizations” of the occupied peninsula with “compatriots abroad”. It is noteworthy that the unlawful “event” was led by two such “elders” as the notorious Georgy Muradov and collaborator Ayder Tippa.

In contrast to the previous criminal Simferopol show that we described, the aggressor’s special services criminally reserved a little more “extras”, bringing a dozen Crimean Tatar collaborators to Moscow from the occupied Crimea. But the role of fake “foreign guests” was played by such Russian puppets we have already described, such as the imam from the Chirchik region of Uzbekistan Lenur Abdulganiev and the Turkish pro-Russian figure Unver Sel, who long ago created a number of fake “public organizations” out of himself in his homeland.

Realizing that “the same faces in the arena” for almost nine years of occupation already look completely tragicomic, the Russian special services “diluted” them with the “Belarusian Tatar” Davud Radkevich and a certain “head of the Crimean Tatar organization of the Black Sea coast” and “member of the Union of Journalists” of Turkey Nihat Alparslan. In fact, Radkevich has nothing common with the Crimean Tatars at all; he is an imam, deputy mufti in Minsk; therefore, he is obviously among the clergy controlled by the Lukashenka regime.

As for Alparslan, this figure in his homeland calls himself a functionary of a puppet “clone” of the once popular Turkish “True Path Party” (DYP), which won as much as 0.11% of the vote in the 2011 elections.
In the journalism framework, Alparslan’s few articles are devoted either to fierce criticism of the current Turkish authorities, or to the presentation of some kind of “award from the union of journalists” to Russian career intelligence officer Alexander Sotnichenko, who works in Ankara under the guise of “Rossotrudnichestvo”. It is noteworthy that Alparslan also gave the “prize” for Sotnichenko from the “clone” of one of the Turkish associations of journalists, “UBD”. On the website and other resources of real UBD or of Crimean Tatar associations in Turkey, there were no traces of Alparslan’s activities; it is obvious that in such a simple way Sotnichenko handed the award to himself through his agents of a low level.

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