Earlier it was reported that the Russian invaders are actively building some kind of “defense lines” in the occupied territories of Ukraine, including the Crimea. From the available photos and videos, it follows that the main element of these “lines” are concrete tetrahedrons, as well as ditches, and the occupiers have already stated that there will be three such “lines” on the occupied peninsula.

On December 7, “ForPost”, the invaders-controlled “Sevastopol media”, circulated on this occasion a quote from the military propagandist of the aggressor Alexander Kots that “this only means preparing for various scenarios, including the worst.”

Since none of the Russian propagandists had previously stated directly about such a scenario – that is, about the de-occupation of Crimea, this publication, as expected, caused a “storm of emotions”, including among collaborators and colonizers. For example, one of these “worried ones” wrote in a comment that he “hopes” that the occupiers “will promptly report on the evacuation if they cannot protect us … provide transport and issue certificates not for 3 million, but for the real market value of the apartment.”

As the Sevastopol residents ironically remarked on this occasion, “of course. They will invite you to move to Rublyovka in the Moscow region, or to Gelendzhik. And things will be transported by private jet.” Also, as the residents of the Russia-occupied city ironically in the comments, “ditches and gouges in the Crimea, this is of course a huge strategic “breakthrough”, asking a rhetorical question whether the “defense lines” were “prepared” in Moscow.

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