The anniversary of the destruction of the Black Sea Fleet tug “Vasily Bekh” found the Russian invaders in “mixed feelings”, since both the number of dead and their names were classified.

However, as part of the ongoing “board race” in the Crimea, as fake “glorification”, mainly at the place of study, it became aware of the sailor Konstantin Shmargun killed there as the participant of Russian aggression.

The occupiers, however, “decided” to install a “memorial sign” to the destroyed tug as a whole, but they solved the problem of mentioning the names of the dead on it in a rather “original” way.

A “memorial sign” was erected “on the territory of the military unit” of the occupiers, where a simple passer-by could not approach, and all those present at the “opening ceremony” were simply taken away from the phones and made sure that “no one took pictures”.

Social networks indicate that the crew of the tug at the time of destruction was about 33 people, of whom at least ten died.

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