As part of the constant attempts at brainwashing, the Russian aggressor made another propaganda move, bringing two “political scientists” to the occupied Henichesk, namely the sub-sanctioned “Director of the institute of Russian diaspora” and one of the “founders of the Livadia club” Sergey Panteleev and the odious Minsk agent of the “Russian world” Alexey Dzermant, for some “meeting with teachers and students of the medical college”.

If everything is clear with the “Livadians” as carriers of imperial Russian revanchism, militarism and Ukrainophobia in general, then Dzermant, among other things, is “remarkable” in that ten years ago he was an activist of the neo-pagan and, accordingly, neo-Nazi movement, having founded the ultra-right organization “Gega Rukh” in Minsk”, with direct references to the criminal practices of the ideology of Nazi Germany.

In 2016, Dzermant, who “suddenly felt sympathy” for the Kremlin, met in Minsk with the leaders of the Italian neo-fascist “New Force” party, Roberto Fiore, and the leader of the far-right “British National Party”, Nick Griffin.

With outward demonstrative “loyalty” to Lukashenka’s regime, the neo-Nazi and the puppet of the Russian special services, Dzermant, simultaneously promoted criminal Russian narratives on the occupied Crimea in Minsk, “creatively and very elastically” criminally “developing” the position of the Belarusian dictator.

At the end of 2021, Dzermant, in the role of a “scientist at the Institute of Philosophy”, criminally visited the occupied Crimea as part of a fake “Belarusian delegation”. However, now, in the condition of the collapse of the ideas of Russian Nazism on the battlefields in Ukraine, it remains criminal and useless for his servants to agitate for the “Russian world” in front of a dozen forcibly gathered residents of the Russia-occupied Ukrainian disctrict center.

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