As residents of the occupied Kerch discuss on social networks, the criminal “administration” “laundered” more than thirty million rubles during the “repair of Admiral Square”, and there was no “beautification” project and “the territory was already being invented along the way, guided by madness and courage”.

Among other things, it is pointed out that “funds” were written off for non-existent “pedestals” and that collaborators repeatedly “took” half a million for sawing down the same trees some times, and also “laundered” at least five million on an embankment of earth.

However, the central reason for the discussion on social networks was not the usual scams of the criminal “administration”, but a huge lurid plastic image of the “most expensive coin in the world from the Crimea”, a stater from the Crimean Panticapaeum recently sold in Zurich, Switzerland for a record 5.39 million Swiss francs.

It is obvious that the “designers” from the Sochi firm “Stroygarant”, which participated in the scam, clearly could not even approximately reproduce the format of the ancient “predecessors” and this worries the criminal “administration” in the last place.

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