Despite the obvious and predicted in advance failure of the Kremlin’s criminal plans to transport “millions of tourists” to the occupied Crimea, the “Grand Service Express” railway carrier, which is close to the Kremlin, is confidently “mastering” the relevant subsidies and supposedly “looks optimistically into the future”.

It is reported “for the media” that the criminal “Crimean Railways” transferred 600 thousand more than last year, and of course it is not specified that the basis of the “growth” was suburban transportation in the direction of “Kerch – Anapa” in the face of chronic problems of the aggressor on the bridge.

As Alexander Ganov, the general director of the “Grand Service Express”, said at the same time to promote the aggressor, “the company is considering the possibility of starting international transportation to Central Asia,” which will obviously cover Kazakhstan neighboring with the Russia.

The fact that “Grand Service Express” seeks to “diversify risks”, understanding the fragility of criminal passenger transportation through the “Crimean Bridge”, is certainly remarkable, but it is at least a rhetorical question whether the Kazakh authorities will agree to let such a toxic carrier with a “Crimean trail” into their market.

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