As it was reported in social networks, late in the evening on July 24, the aggressor’s servicemen shot and beat several Kerch residents who had arrived in their car on the seashore near Cape Opuk.

Judging by the description of the events, two aggressor’s soldiers, being in an inadequate condition in a car of unknown origin, a couple of kilometers from the occupiers’ training ground, shot Mikhail Chebotarev in the stomach in the presence of his wife Ekaterina and young children.

At the same time, since Chebotarev’s wife managed to escape with the children, then the mentioned soldiers began to call her from her husband’s phone and demand to “return” with the children, threatening Mikhail’s life, but in fact obviously trying to “remove” all uncomfortable witnesses.

Further, after repeated calls from dozens of frightened people, the “military police” of the aggressor nevertheless arrived at the scene and the wounded citizen was taken to the Kerch hospital.

After these events, quite resonant for Kerch, the criminal “administration” of the Russian invaders for a week predictably pretends that “nothing happened” and the military aggressors deliberately absurdly declare that they allegedly “were attacked”.

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