In framework of permanent cooperation wit UN bodies our Association sent submission to UN Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, Professor Claudia Mahler for her Report on violence, abuse and neglect of older persons to the Human Rights Council.

ARC’s submission, prepared by professor Borys Babin and published on UN web-sources, reminded to UN Expert on previous Association’s communications regarding repressions against older persons in the occupied Crimea and pointed on issue of Russian attacks against Ukrainian non-combatants, including medic and social personnel and against Ukrainian civil infrastructure, that have features of Russia’s state terrorism and made strong negative influence on realization the rights of older persons.

ARC stressed that issues of negative impact of Russian aggression allowed Association to recognize a role of International Criminal Court and special tribunals in cases of war crimes against older persons, also as a role of ECtHR in cases of gross violations of rights of older persons in conflict zones and zones of foreign effective control.

ARC stressed that issues of racial discrimination and genocidal policy against older persons with disabilities, older persons belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples, in conflict zones and zones of foreign effective control must be reflected in the report by UN Independent Expert, including the risks and challenges for older people in zone of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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