As it has now become known from social networks, on May 2, an incident occurred in occupied Kerch, clearly showing both the essence of the occupiers’ punitive regime and the attitude of the local population towards them. On this day, Sergei Dovzhenko, the criminal “head of the canine service center in Crimea” from the aggressor’s punishers arrived in the occupied city with the so-called “checking the work of subordinates”.

Passing along the Kerch Komarov Street, Dovzhenko noticed a man who was cutting grass, it was a local resident Alexander Kalinichenko. The occupiers’ punisher approached him and demanded to make a call to the “police” and say that “they stole a lawn mower” from him. Kalinichenko, obviously understanding the paid prospects for any interaction with the invaders’ “police”, began to refuse for the simple reason that nothing was stolen from him, and he definitely should not call somewhere.

However, the invaders’ punishers were not used to hearing refusals and began to threaten Kalinichenko with reprisals “here and now”, if he did not immediately call the “police” with a deliberately “false call”. Against the backdrop of death threats, Kalinichenko became ill – his heart could not stand it and he died on the spot.

At the same time, according to Dovzhenko’s “report” written later, “the check passed normally, without any incidents,” and Alexander Kalinichenko, who died, was cynically indicated as the “applicant for the training call”.

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