As residents of the occupied Sevastopol began to notice on July 18, certain brands of gasoline began to disappear at some city gas stations, and driver can find out about its absence only by directly arriving at the gas station.

After the problem began to be discussed on social networks, the fake “head of the union of transport companies of Sevastopol” Viktor Rykov confirmed that there is a problem with gasoline in the city.

At the same time, he stated that allegedly “this is the excitement of the population, which appeared on the basis of damage to the bridge”, and on the eve of the fake “authorities” assured that allegedly “a month’s supply of fuel had been created in the city”.

However, on July 19, the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev admitted already through his teeth that “there are slight delays in the supply of 92nd gasoline”, pointing by the propaganda “bird language ”, familiar to the invaders, that “at some gas stations there are situations with reserving fuel for enterprises”.

In fact, in “translation into human” this means the distribution of fuel “in manual mode” by the occupiers, of course, primarily for their criminal punitive and militaristic needs, and this is a symptom of its serious shortage.

Regarding the increase in fuel prices for the population, the same Razvozhaev promised such a “radical measure” as the appeal of his “subordinates” to the criminal “territorial branch of the federal antimonopoly service” and other forms of imitation of violent activity, familiar to the occupiers.

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