Researcher from US Institute of Peace Manon Fuchs published the material in “Inkstick” American analytic media regarding aggressor’s repressions against Crimean Tatars, including their Russia’s forced and criminal “mobilization”.

This researcher used in commentary our Association’s letter sent before to international structures and analytic center regarding this problem, and agreed with us in issue that illegal “conscription” campaigns demonstrate that Russia is committing a war crime and the deliberate placement of Crimean Tatar men along the most fatal segments of the frontlines provides a compelling case for Russia-committed genocide.

Researcher points the thesis of Professor Borys Babin that Crimean Tatars are not loyal to the ideas of the aggressor, so Russian occupiers place such “mobilized” units as “cannon fodder” simply to die on positions.

Manon Fuchs stresses that Western powers and humanitarian organizations could easily take additional steps to protect Crimean Tatars and reminds the letter to the UN Secretary General, in which the Crimean Tatar Resource Center provided several paths to defending human rights, requesting a more vocal opposition to Russia’s illegal “conscription” of Crimean Tatars, the construction of humanitarian corridors to help men flee from the “conscription” in the Russia-occupied Crimea, and the provision of humanitarian assistance to Crimean Tatar refugees.

Back under the “familiar shackles” of Russian colonialism an old enemy, adds Manon Fuchs, Crimean Tatars have been disproportionately subjected to raids, nonstop surveillance, and crackdowns on their media. Any criticism of the occupying “power”, adds researcher, results in trumped-up terrorism charges and swift trips to prison for the accused victims or their family members.

Our Association will continue dialogue with US Institute of Peace for better knowledge of American researchers with Crimean issues.

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