Our Association has written many times about the criminal figure of political strategist from Krasnoyarsk Sergei Tolmachev, first declared by the aggressor as the “deputy governor” of occupied Sevastopol, and then, in January 2023, as the criminal “deputy governor of the Zaporizhzhya region”.

We wrote that in the occupied Melitopol, during the fake “elections,” Tolmachev was predictably declared the aggressor “number four” in the criminal “list of candidates” from “United Russia”.
At the same time, this “figure” obviously counted on “special gratitude” from the Kremlin for his criminal “services” in the form of criminal “posts” as a “speaker” or “senator from the region.”

To “strengthen the results,” Tolmachev came into conflict with the fake “governor” Evgeny Balitsky and the latter began to actively slander the “first deputy” to Moscow. As a result of the “debriefing”, the Kremlin arranged a meeting this week between the “leaders,” who had demonstratively not communicated, and as a result it became clear that Balitsky would not move anywhere, but Tolmachev would not receive anything.

The Kremlin decided to “appoint” Dmitry Vorona and his notorious namesake Rogozin, who previously ruined “Roscosmos” and received a “hole below the waterline” in Donetsk restourant a year ago, as criminal “speakers and senators from Melitopol”.

As we wrote, Balitsky predictably played in the Kremlin corridors on his “untouchability” due to his “media status”; but the “big problems” we predicted, created by Razvozhaev’s team on Tolmachev’s initiative, for the Melitopol collaborator’s “family Sevastopol business” remain “on the table.”

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