The recent absolutely predictable statement by the IOC that the Committee will not invite Russia and Belarus to participate in the 2024 Olympic Games has generated a whole “fountain of consciousness” from the criminal “Crimean speaker” Volodymyr Konstantinov.

Among other things, the swindler from “Consol” called Lausanne’s position “a particularly Jesuitical way of bullying” and said that “it’s time for the aggressor to put a fat cross on international contacts”.

It is interesting that, calling for the creation of a “generation of athletes – patriots … not of overseas money”, the same Kostantinov complains about the lack of “decent bonuses” for the payment of coaches and declares his intention to force some “private benefactors” to donate to the “sports” propaganda of Russian aggression, naturally not forgetting and about your own pocket.

In this stream of consciousness, it is worth noting the obvious admiration of Konstantinov’s speechwriters for the products of their Nazi predecessors, since the current passages about “American and British sports rascals and their underdogs” are clearly literally borrowed by them from some German newspaper of the 1943.

It is obvious that the disparaging statement from the “Crimean speaker” about “elitist, cosmopolitan sports” with a mention of tennis, where “there are so many athletes for whom Wimbledon is more expensive appeared for the homeland” was from there, or from similar anti-Semitic Soviet publications seventy years ago.

However, as evil tongues say in Crimean social networks, Konstantinov’s “love” for tennis, most likely, has an extremely prosaic rationale, since once in the large harem of the criminal “speaker” there was a “small problem” with a certain tennis player.

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